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What Is a Paternity Affidavit?

When a married couple has a child together, it is common and typical that the parents are legally responsible for the welfare and general well-being of the children they produce. Thus, the parents are legally recognized as mother and father of the child. However, in the event that an unmarried couple produce a child or several children, it is sometimes necessary for the father to prove that he is the father in order for him to assert his rights over his children. It is then necessary to present a paternity affidavit.

A paternity affidavit is a legal document that asserts the rights of a father over his child, and is a legal document that allows the father to claim the child as his own. It is essentially a formal acknowledgement of the father. When a child has undergone a paternity affidavit and has a proven father, he or she can receive numerous legal benefits including inheritance, government, medical, and life insurance benefits.

In order to obtain or fulfill a paternity affidavit, a clearly marked form is usually filled out by the father at the hospital, once the child has been born. It is also possible to fill out the form at a local health department. It is also necessary that the identity of the mother be revealed along with her information. After which, both parents must sign the paternity affidavit. Once all the paperwork has been done, the forms are then forwarded to the paternity registry to enter into the system.

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