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What Is Pathological Lying?

All over the world, children are taught by their parents not to lie. “Lying is a bad thing” - it is merely one of the things that is oft repeated. As we grow older, things may change, and little lies sometimes seem necessary. In many societies, what is called a white lie is sometimes tolerated, even accepted. However, a person who has a habit of lying to the point that other people are affected constantly is another matter. In fact, the medical community has identified conditions associated with habitual lying.

One of the most controversial ones is pathological lying, which does not have an exact description. This fact is at the root of the controversy, but the consensus is that, in essence, pathological lying is uncontrollable lying.

There has not been enough research and study on pathological lying for doctors to provide conclusive data on the condition, but it is believed that pathological lying is asymptomatic of another underlying condition. In the few studies that have been made, it has been found out that people with ADHD, antisocial personality disorder, and obsessive compulsive disorder tend to be pathological liars. More so, the evidence suggest that pathological lying starts early and continues to develop throughout one’s life.

Pathological liars will lie about anything and everything. There are two different schools of thought about the motive of pathological liars. One school of thought believes that there is no motive necessary - pathological liars lie for the sake of lying. Another school of thought believes that there are motives behind the lies of pathological liars.

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