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What Is a Peace Bond?

When a person feels threatened by another party, it is possible for him or her to approach the court and request for some form of court order that prevents any kind of harm or threat to fall upon such a person. This court order is referred to as a peace bond, in reference to a person keeping the peace with another.

A peace bond ensures that a person filing for such a court order will feel secure and safe. This is an alternative for those who have been accused of threatening behavior. Instead of facing criminal charges and possible imprisonment, a person may be offered a peace bond in order to avoid such consequences mentioned. A peace bond serves as a disincentive and an incentive in that it prevents the a party from continuing to make threatening behavior against other as well as an opportunity to avoid being convicted of criminal assault and possible jail time.

In order to gain a peace bond, a person must approach the local law enforcement agency or local court office within the jurisdiction where he or she lives. He or she must then provide certain documents and fill up forms in order to authenticate or validate that he or she is subject to a certain and possibly immanent threat. After a few days, he or she must then present himself or herself before a court of law to answer whatever questions the judge may have regarding the circumstances and need for a peace order.

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