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What Is Perforated Bowel?

A perforated bowel refers to a condition that requires immediate medical attention. This refers to a hole in the bowel that opens, which allows the contents to empty into the abdominal cavity. The immediate result of this is usually sepsis or a blood infection. Left untreated, a perforated bowel can lead to death. Perforated bowels happen because of a number of factors, chief among them being a traumatic injury, Crohn’s Disease, or diverticulitis.

Among the symptoms a patient with perforated bowel will experience are fever and nausea. They will also feel intense abdominal pain that becomes more painful when they move. Severe vomiting can also occur and this can lead to dehydration. These symptoms are very serious and need immediate medical attention. This is exacerbated if the patient already suffers from diverticulitis or Crohn's Disease.

Patients who suffer from Crohn's Disease or diverticulitis are more closely monitored because of the higher risks involved when they develop a perforated bowel. Crohn's Disease causes the inflammation of the intestines, which can result in intestinal blockage. The aim of treatment for this disease is to control both the swelling and pain. This is not a curable disease and means managing it for life. The intestinal blockage that Crohn's Disease patients can suffer can lead to a perforated bowel because the bowel is not able to pass waste out of the body, which can result in the intestines to become overloaded. This is the reason why a Crohn's Disease patient needs to be regularly evaluated to rule out any intestinal blockage that could result in a perforated bowel.

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