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What Is a Permanent Disability?

Permanent disability pertains to the inability of a person to do the things he or she is used to doing. This may be applicable to people who have injuries that cause and deprive them of performing their usual daily activities, practice and improve their abilities as a person. This can also refer to either physical or mental disability. By permanent, this means that the disability of a person can last throughout his lifetime with no possible improvement or full recovery in sight for an indefinite period.

One may know the extent of injury and damage it gave the physical body but it doesn’t necessarily mean that one would always know how long this would last or when it will recover.

Most victims or those who often experience such permanent disability are the athletes although children and other adults even those physically active are not exempted. Accidents can always happen to anybody whether at home or at work and they can cause victims to become disabled on a permanent basis eventually no longer allowing them to go back to work.

Permanent disabled doesn’t only happen due to abuse of one’s self but it could also happen and be experienced by people who don’t even exercise. This only goes to show how certain things in life could sometimes be unpredictable. Permanent disability doesn’t happen intentionally to people to deprive themselves of their normal activities but instead, it serves as a reminder for everyone to always take care of themselves. Everything that is too much or too little is bad and not beneficial.

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