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What Is a Permanent Injunction?

An injunction is a type of court order that aims to prevent or stop others from committing actions that violates the legal rights of another. There are many different types of injunctions that exist, one such type is a permanent injunction. This permanent injunction, also known as a perpetual injunction, permanently prevents and stops another party from acting in a manner that infringes upon the legal rights of another.

As a form of equitable remedy from a court of law, failure to comply with a permanent injunction may lead to criminal or civil charges. Such an injunction is given when it has been proven that damages or injuries awarded to a plaintiff is not enough. The permanent injunction is valid as long as the terms and conditions that compelled the court to produce it continue to exist.

A permanent injunction differs from a preliminary injunction in that the latter only serves as a temporary resolution and is valid only until a court releases a final opinion on the matter. However, both are the same in that they require an individual to stop from committing a certain kind of act or behaving in a certain type of manner. A temporary restraining order is also a type of injunction that differs from a permanent injunction in that the former is issued with any formal court trial. Upon the request of an individual, a temporary restraining order can be issued to stop an individual from committing actions that hamper the legal rights of another.

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