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What Is a Personal Injury Expert Witness?

A personal injury expert witness is a qualified person to testify in a personal injury trial. The witness should have a professional background about the subject at hand. Both the defendant and the plaintiff can call on an expert witness to prove each of their case. However, not anyone can be an expert witness.

Before the court, the witness’ expertise should be established by stating his educational background, skills, and experiences in handling personal injury. The court must certify that he is an expert witness and both parties are allowed to question each other’s witness for the benefit of the jury to prove why the witness is allowed to speak. It is normal for each party to throw questions to the other party’s witness to prove that he is not qualified to be an expert witness that is why the witness should answer with confidence. Personal injuries tackle a wide range of conditions. The expert witness may vary on these situations. For example, if the case involves a car accident and the victim files a personal injury lawsuit against the owner of the car, a doctor and automotive engineer may be called upon to be an expert witness.

The witness must provide the court with substantiating information to prove either the defendant or the plaintiff’s case depending on who hired him. He is only allowed to state some facts based on the evidence presented to him for examination. The personal injury expert must state his opinions clearly and in terms that the court will understand. He must educate the court of the facts that are difficult to understand by a normal person without his expertise.

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