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What Is Personal Injury Mediation?

A Personal Injury lawsuit is filed by a person who was injured by someone else’s negligence or illegal actions.

Personal injury mediation allows the complainant and the defendant to avoid going to court for a less expensive procedure; instead they can be heard by a mediator. Entering mediation should be agreed by both parties. Mediation allows the parties to come to an agreement unless they would want to proceed to a court hearing. Personal injury mediation may be required by the court before proceeding to a lawsuit specially when insurance companies are involved but it is not compulsory for both parties to come to an agreement. A mediator who oversees the negotiations is often a licensed attorney who is appointed by the court or is regularly working with insurance companies. Personal injury mediation can encourage both parties to present solid points of their cases and state both of their demands. This could arrive on a compromise wherein the complainant may be offered with compensation by the defendant. If both parties agree with the compromise, they have to sign an agreement that will bind them to a legal arrangement.

Personal injury mediation may be advisable and a practical option depending on the circumstances. In some instances, a defendant may not admit liability despite all the evidences shown, but being in a mediation process may give him second thoughts. Mediation may become expensive though not as much as having a trial but if both parties does not come to agreement they would have proceed with the court hearing.

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