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What Is a Phishing Scam?

A phishing scam is a kind of identity theft that uses emails as tits medium. The email will look like it comes from someone legitimate (usually a known financial institution) and the contents will contain an urgent request for personal information for the purpose of updating the receiver’s account. An accompanying link in the email will lead to what looks like an official web site. But in reality, the web site has no affiliation to the real financial institution. The fake web site is only used to gain the information, which is transmitted automatically to the scammer.

One of the internet’s worst problems is fraud. Many people are being victimized into giving away their important personal information, which also includes credit card numbers, passwords, bank account numbers, ATM passwords and social security numbers. Unfortunately, antivirus software and firewalls cannot catch all of these phishing scams because some of them do not contain code that is automatically detected by these software. Even spam filters will allow them since it appears to come from a legitimate and trusted source.

The most effective way to protect one’s self fro phishing scams is by not giving personal information to any kind of email request. If you suspect that the email is actually legitimate, you should still avoid giving away information right away. You should then call the company’s customer service number in order to verify if the email that was sent is legitimate and really came from the real company. Remember though to not use the number indicated in the email. Instead, look for the number of the company’s customer service by doing your own research.

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