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What Is a Pickpocket?

As its name implies, the pickpocket is a person that does pickpocket, one who organize a small time stealing of people’s wallet and other valuables in their pockets by means of distracting them. Pickpockets usually come in groups and help each other in planning and in implementing their modus operandi or mode of operation. It was believed that the proliferation of the pick pocket activities started when money was invented. They target people who are not so aware of their environment, people who are careless, people who are easily distracted and people who are wandering off without taking precautions in the crowd. Pick pockets usually are just normal people who tends to blend in the crowd or disguise as someone who cannot be easily noticed by the crowd. It is their way of not getting any attention from the crowd.

With the advent of technology, pick pockets are also capable of stealing identity as well as automated cash cards. They don’t only get the cash in the wallet that they stole; they also use all the available resources that can be found the wallet such as credit cards and other important documents. To avoid being victimized by pick pockets, it is crucial that when going to public places especially when there are many people; one should not bring important documents and other possessions. It would always be safe to put wallets in the front pockets of the pants to discourage pick pockets from stealing or slitting your pants. Pick pockets are also good at slitting bags so people should always be alert.

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