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What Is Pink Summons?

New York City has a special kind of court order summons that is handed out to individuals who have committed a criminal violation in one of the 5 boroughs—Staten Island, Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens. A pink summons is comparable to a traffic ticket, but is much more significant and dispatches more severe consequences if not followed. Since it is actually a court summons, the pink summons derives its name from the pink color of the paper.

A pink summons can be issued to anyone who has committed a criminal violation in the New York City area; thus, one not need be a resident to receive one. An individual who ignores the court summons may be arrested if he or she commits another violation of the law. An individual who has received a pink summons is expected to appear at court on the date and time written on the summons.

The top portion of the pink summons contains the details of the individual who has committed the violation. Details such as complete name, date of birth, address, and other pertinent information are listed. After the personal data has been listed, the violations or charges brought against the individual are written along with a concise description of what occurred. After which a time and date for court appearance is written as well as all the necessary details the individual must know in order to make a court appearance.

Before a pink summons is issued, the officer writes and signs his or her name along with his or her squad number. The summons is then given to the individual to sign so as to confirm its receipt. Signing a pink summons is merely a form of authentication that the individual received it, and is not in any way an admission of guilt.

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