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What Is Plyometrics?

Plyometrics is a type of exercise that aims to build explosive strength through natural, burst movements like jumping. Most sports activities require the need for intense bursts of energy over successive durations of time. It's no surprise then that athletes train with plyometrics style exercises fine tuned to build explosive energy doing the movements they need most.

While college and professional athletes having been using plyometrics for decades, it is just now becoming popular among those looking for variety in their workout routines. It has the added benefit of improving your performance across the board whether your favorite sport is boxing, basketball, football, tennis or golf. Even MMA fans will improve their attack speed through plyometric training.

Studies show that the fast and powerful movement in plyometrics training can help improve a person’s nervous system as it toughens tissues and lengthens rapid muscle movements. It is considered as one of the most effective ways to enhance jumping power (important for basketball players and high jumpers alike). Plyo also adds to your overall physical durability.

Today, many coaches even at the high school level encourage the members of their team to undergo plyometrics training. In any game of inches, plyometrics can give you the kind of edge that really makes a difference.

Plyometrics can be a fun and intense way to create variety in your exercise routine as you continue your path to a healthy lifestyle.

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