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What Is Podcasting?

Podcasting is a term used to refer to broadcast programs that are made available to people online using subscription feeds like RSS or Rich Site Summary. The podcasts are designed to be played in portable media devices like MP3 players and iPods, although one can also use the media players on computers to listen to podcasts, which is relatively easier since the podcasts don't need to be transferred to the portable media devices. Podcasts eventually evolved by also incorporating videos. With today's present technology, mobile phones with the ability to play videos can receive and play video podcasts.

Podcasting was the idea of former MTV VJ Adam Curry. Since the development and airing of the first podcasts, it has steadily become more and more popular. Even other broadcast media like radio stations and TV networks are beginning to create materials that is specifically aimed towards the podcast fan.

podcasting is relatively easy to do, especially since there is really no need for high tech equipment. In fact, people can even create podcasts inside their home. All one needs is software in their computer that will help in editing it, and a microphone. The podcasts they made at home will even reach an international audience if it gets popular enough. Podcasts allow people who cannot otherwise afford to pay for broadcast air time air their very own programs at little to no cost. And since podcast is not under the jurisdiction of broadcast regulations, a wide range of topics can be discussed. There is even such a thing as podnography, which is the podcast version of pornography.

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