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What Is Pregnancy Brain?

Pregnancy brain is a kind of condition that can be seen in pregnant women, which usually appears during the first and third trimesters. Also known as baby brain drain or placenta brain, this medical condition has symptoms that include short term memory loss and forgetfulness. There are some doctors who think that pregnancy brain is just a myth, but there is evidence to indicate that many pregnant women show signs of this condition.

There are no definitive studies that link memory and pregnancy. These studies are quite limited and the results of the studies are not very consistent. But pregnant women have shared that they have been frustrated from the fact that sometimes they cant remember even simple everyday tasks. There are some pregnant women who work that have experienced emotional distress because a bout of pregnancy brain has made them inefficient in their work.

The emotional levels of pregnant women would vary greatly, which is understandable during pregnancy. Factors like hormonal surges, and the fact that they sleep less and have to eat more also contribute to this. Also, mothers thoughts at this time are focused on their unborn child, so being forgetful can be considered par for the course.

One of the suspected culprits for pregnancy brain could be the higher levels of progesterone in a pregnant woman. Progesterone is known to cause headaches, fatigue and even mood swings. With progesterone levels increasing the most during the first trimester, it could be one factor for the occurrence of pregnancy brain.

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