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What Is a Preliminary Injunction?

A preliminary injunction is a temporary court ruling which is given before the court has been able to properly decide on a certain matter, accusation or case. These injunctions vary depending on the situation or the extent of the crime.

As far as the period that the injunction can last, it depends on the case but again, it is only temporary. In other words, it can be shortened or extended through time.

Some injunctions state that the defendant is not allowed to do certain things such as join an activity. If he or she is already part of an activity, the injunction may stop him or her from proceeding.
Another example is when a company is being accused of selling fake and dangerous products. In this case, a preliminary Injunction can temporarily stop their selling of those products until a decision is made that can either prove their guilt or not.

Meanwhile, the people who filed for a preliminary injunction must be able to present a detailed story and strong evidences that would prove their side. This request will all be provided to the judge who will be the one to approve and make the final decision.

Keep in mind that these injunctions should still consider the rights of every person and not just to cause harm toward another individual. It’s important to note that the main purpose of obtaining a preliminary injunction to reduce risks and harm happening around the society. This serves as a temporary remedy to a case that’s still being investigated.

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