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What Is Premedication?

Premedication is the term used to refer to medication that is taken by the patient prior to a medical procedure - surgical or otherwise. It is administered even prior to the giving of anesthesia. Depending on the kind of medication, the goal of administering premedication is to help the patient become as comfortable as possible before the medical procedure or to lessen the risks of the patient developing an infection after the procedure.

Premedication that is meant to relax the patient even before anesthesia is administered is rather important for patients who are very apprehensive. It is actually quite common for people to feel uncomfortably nervous in the face of a medical procedure. Whether or not the person is supposed to undergo a major surgical procedure or a minor one, he might need to have premedication.

More so, certain treatments may require relaxants to help ease the side effects. This is particularly true for patients who need to go through chemotherapy. This treatment is well known for adverse side effects and premedication can lessen these, as well as help the patient feel more comfortable during the session itself.

The use of premedication is widespread, but it is still important that the patient is briefed well regarding the impending procedure. As a patient, you ought to have all your questions answered. Do not hesitate to ask your doctor anything and everything that is on your mind. Having no unanswered questions in your mind will help you relax - perhaps more than any premedication can.

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