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What Is a Private Adoption?

Adoption occurs when a couple undergoes legal proceedings in order to claim a child as their own. In order for this to happen, they usually go through certain child-placement agencies. However, when a couple undergoes adoption without the help of licensed child-placement agencies, this is generally referred to as private adoption.

In cases of private adoption, it is usually the case for the couple as the prospective parents to want to adopt a child whom they already have established a relationship or connection with. For example, the child may be the child of a relative who is not capable of caring for him or her. It is also possible that the birth parents choose not to care for the child and wish to select the couple that will take care of him or her.

Also known as an independent adoption or a non-agency adoption, a private adoption usually occurs when a couple has expressed marked interest in a child already. It is possible that this marked interest can be shown towards a pregnant woman in order for the couple to obtain a newborn child. Once the child of interest has been identified, the prospective parents hire a private adoption lawyer to begin the legal proceedings necessary to claim the child. The adoption lawyer normally specializes in family law and has a fine understanding of all the details. However, a private adoption cannot necessarily be facilitated in all jurisdictions. In the event that the jurisdiction does allow for recognition of private adoption, there are stringent requirements that must be met.


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