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What Is a Product Line?

The term product line refers to the goods that a certain manufacturer creates. These goods belong to the same product line if there is a commonality among them. Product lining is the term used to refer to the marketing strategy of linking several products together to create a product line.
Sometimes, product lining is confused with product bundling. These are two different marketing strategies. Product bundling differs from product lining in that the products involved are totally distinct from each other, but are combined together in one.

The products that are included in a product line can be rather similar and are usually meant to do the same thing. There may be slight differences in the features, but the price is usually the distinguishing difference. The pricing in a product line is usually spread out to cover various target markets. This allows the manufacturer to attract customers across the economic spectrum. One example would be computer manufacturers. They will release a line of laptops with the same basic specs, such as the processor, design, etc. They will then have the low-end models, medium-range models, and high-end models. People with different financial capabilities are then faced with options that are within their price range.

Aside from the price, there are other factors that can determine the differences of the products in a line. Manufacturers may take a look at demographics such as age, gender, geographical locations, and even ethnicity. In a sense, creating a product line is somehow custom-fitting products to cater to select groups of individuals.

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