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What Is Professional Mediation?

Conflict mediation is considered a form of alternative dispute resolution or appropriate dispute resolution. This kind of resolution is achieved through a third party who has no involvement with any of the litigants or relevant parties. This third party is trained and experienced in handling situations of conflict. Thus, professional mediation is an occupation undertaken by individuals who fulfill the role of mediator in situations of conflict.

Also called an interventionist, a professional mediator guides the process of resolution but cannot impose any kind of solution. The role of the mediator is to facilitate a resolution that is amenable to all parties involved in a conflict. Not just any individual qualifies as a mediator. There are certain skills and techniques that mediators possess, which they acquire from training and seminars. Thus, mediators are usually accredited individuals who can be recommended by the court.

Professional mediation requires an individual to be able to handle with a variety of issues, especially those that bring out intense emotions. It is necessary for individuals in this profession to be able to know how to calm people and help people deal with their emotions. Those who make a career out of professional mediation often know how to converse well with people. Mediators guide others into discussion with skill and tact.

In order to enter a career of professional mediation, an individual must log in a certain number of hours of training in order to be certified by a regional court of law. Once this has been accomplished, the court may also recommend professional mediators to those seeking conflict resolution.

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