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What Is Professional Negligence?

Professional negligence is an act done by a professional that results in the suffering or physical injury of a client or patient. To prove this, the court usually has to establish that a duty of care was not given to the client or claimant and that the professional being sued has committed a breach of his duty.

A person may file a case of professional negligence for not having received the proper treatment or care from the professional concerned. Examples of this are when an attorney was not able to handle their case well resulting in their loss or when a physician caused the condition of his patient to worsen after undergoing treatment or worse, the treatment led to the death of the patient.

In most cases, the main purpose for filing a case of professional negligence is to claim compensation for the emotional suffering or physical injury as well as to recover the fees they paid for those who underwent medical treatment. However, this is not always the case because there are people who also want to ensure that professionals who have been sued for negligence face the proper disciplinary actions and take the necessary steps to avoid repeating the same error in the future.

Professional negligence covers various professions. Apart from lawyers and doctors, others who can be sued for this case are real estate agents, hospital staff, nurses, teachers and school administrators.

People in the process of filing a negligence case should choose an experienced lawyer who specializes in handling professional negligence. This is to ensure that you will be properly compensated for the physical or emotional injury you’ve suffered as a result of their negligent acts.

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