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What Is Property Damage?

Property damage is damage or harm done to property by an individual or by forces of nature. Property damage can be done to both public and private property. When harm is done to property, it can be classified as intentional, due to negligence, or due to nature. Sometimes, property damage can be intentional but at the same time, can be considered necessary or without malice. A good example of this is if a person is locked inside his car and the door lock is jammed. Say his car stalls in the middle of a railroad crossing and a train is arriving. Bystanders can smash the windows of the car to help the person out and save his life. This is considered intentional property damage without malice.

Property damage is a legal matter, and the owner of the property is often entitled to receive compensation for the damage. The question is who will pay for the harm done and how much is going to be paid. In cases where property damage is done intentionally and with malice, the person responsible for the damage will have to compensate the owner. In many cases, insurance policies will also cover the cost of property damage.

More often than not, property damage is not something that is taken to the court if that is avoidable. The person responsible for the damage and the property owner can engage in talks on their own and settle the matter. If they cannot reach an agreement, however, then the case can be taken to civil court.

Damages due to hurricanes and other natural disasters are also covered by specific insurance policies. Homeowners, in particular, ought to look carefully at home insurance policies such that they have good coverage when it comes to property damage.

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