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What Is the Public Trust Doctrine?

The public trust doctrine explains the law and principle stating that certain resources need to be preserved for the benefit of the public. The government is also responsible for making sure that these resources are being used by the public reasonably.

One main resource that this doctrine is really focused on is the use and access of water. It is a fact that water is being used by everyone and plays a very essential role in every person’s life. Natural resources such as water is a main source of living for some people specifically the fishermen and it is also what people use in their everyday lives whether for bathing or drinking.

There are certain circumstances, though, that issues arise from this doctrine especially on the use of water resources since not all the time that its use could be limited. In the case of rivers, for instance, this particular body of water can reach numerous jurisdictions and places because of its large expanse.

Another focus of the public trust doctrine is land resources. There are different instances that land resources are affected and influenced by this doctrine since it is used to allow different construction works such as building of roads and even parks which should as well be of great benefit to the public. More often than not, these constructions have different purpose and worse, those who are responsible for the construction may take the land and claim it as his or her own which then would deprive the public of its right to use such resources.

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