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What Is Quality Control?

In a competitive market place, companies must make the customer feel happy in order to make them loyal to the brand. One of the best ways to do this is to give them quality products and services.

In order to achieve this, the company must invest in quality control: the process by which the products or services are properly monitored to make sure that they meet the standards, are dependable, and fall well within the fiscal specifications.

Aside from setting clear and measurable quality control guidelines, the company must hire a quality control team. This group is in charge of evaluating the products or services, and spotting any problems that may lead to 1) substandard quality, or 2) inefficient production. For example, the quality control team of a corned beef company may notice that the cans get scratched or dented. Or, they may see that the machines are so inefficient that 2 out of 5 cans are rejected leading to high quality, yes, but at such high cost. After making these observations the quality control team can look at ways to minimize wastage (Repair the machines?) and improve over-all quality (change the material of the can?

Quality control applies not just to products or services but also to the skill and experience levels of the employees. Using the example above, the quality control team may want to look at whether the factory workers know how to operate the machines, or if any of the scratches or dents are related to human error (or stupidity). Thus, quality control many also involve training of personnel, or stricter hiring mechanisms that establish clear guidelines on job requirements and qualifications.

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