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What Is a Real Estate Attorney?

Within certain jurisdictions, individuals are licensed to practice law given that they undergo a rigorous training and educational experience. These individuals are called attorneys, or more formally known as attorneys-at-law and colloquially as lawyers. An attorney provides clients with various legal services. Such services may include representing a client in a transaction or in a court of law. Each attorney has the opportunity to practice a specialized field of law or a sub-specialized area of criminal or civil law. A real estate attorney is a lawyer whose specialty lies in the field of real estate law.

Real estate involves transactions of real property, whether they are parcels of land, buildings, or houses. The sale, rental, or transfer of any real property requires a real estate attorney. It is the duty of the real estate attorney to review and evaluate all the agreements and conditions that the parties involved have decided on. After consulting all parties, a contract is written and is subject to the approval and revisions wanted by each party. It is also in this capacity that the real estate attorney acts as an intermediary between the buyer and seller, lessor and lessee, and all other parties. If necessary, it is also the duty of the real estate attorney to represent the party that solicited him or her in a court of law. However, it is most common for real estate attorneys to only handle matters involving the writing of a contract and other legal documents needed for the transaction to be complete.

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