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What Is Reiki Energy?

Reiki energy is an Eastern concept that refers to a nonphysical form that has healing properties. Reiki practitioners place particular emphasis on subcomponents such as the life force and a Higher Intelligence that guides this energy. For some people, reiki energy is akin to what is called the universal force.

Reiki is a rather recent technique, and was invented in 1922. Today, reiki energy is gathering a strong following all around the world, and while it is definitely spiritual, it does not have any affiliations to one religion.

Reiki energy is used primarily for healing purposes in various aspects - mental, spiritual, and physical. Indeed, reiki energy is based on combined concepts of Japanese and Chinese medicine. Reiki goes further and attributes intelligence to reiki energy itself. In essence, while practitioners are trained in certain techniques and practices, at the end of the day, reiki energy rules the whole process.

As with many alternative medical practices, reiki has attracted some controversy and skepticism. In spite of the fact that there is no scientific evidence to back up the practice, believers in reiki will swear by its effects. Indeed, there are many people who were initially skeptical about reiki energy and what it can do, but have long been converted by its results.

Reiki energy can be used to treat a plethora of conditions. People suffering from depression other mental and emotional conditions can benefit from sessions with reiki energy. People suffering from muscle pain, stomach ailments, and other physical conditions have also been treated with reiki energy, with positive results.

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