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What Is a Reiki Massage?

Reiki massage is a part of reiki healing, which is a practice that is based on Buddhism. The idea behind reiki is that the person conducting the healing session incorporates modalities, which in turn, guides the person into channeling energy. This energy is called reiki energy and it has healing properties. Reiki massage is similar to other types of massage therapies, but it has the added value of focusing on the pressure points and chakras, resulting in better results.

The origins of reiki can be found in Japan, where Buddhism is widely practiced. In reiki, emphasis is placed on the ability of a person to get in touch with his energy and use this for the good of himself and others. Proponents of reiki swear by its efficacy, although most evidence is anecdotal. There isn’t much by way of scientific basis, but there are many who have felt the healing touch of reiki.

When you undergo reiki massage, you will feel heat and a tingly sensation from the person conducting the session. The premise is that the reiki master is drawing upon energy which is larger than himself - from the Universe - and is channeling the flow of this energy to help soothe and heal your body. The great thing about reiki is that the master can detect your blocked chakras, or energy centers. Often, illness and diseases are attributed to blocked chakras. Through reiki massage, your blocked chakras can be detected and unblocked by the reiki master.
It may seem too mystical to some people, but those who have experienced reiki massage will tell you that it does work!

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