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What Is Relationship Counseling?

When couples encounter a problem that post a threat to their relationship, a counseling is often sought for. When a relationship enters another phase and sometime couples cannot adjust immediately to the new challenges and situations, it is but normal to experience some major shift and tension. Oftentimes, the relationship is on the brink of breaking up or is already losing so a relationship counseling is necessary.

Relationship counseling is a type of counseling that focuses on the intricacies and issues in any kind of relationship. The counseling can be done to a married couple, to best friend, to relatives, to a parent and a child, to employers and employees and even to neighbors. Relationship counseling is a way of addressing the issues of people in their interactions with other people. The goal of relationship counseling is to determine the causes of the problems in a relationship and explore ways to mend it or to strengthen it. It doesn’t always means that relationship counseling can only be sought when the problem has already occurred. It can be done as a preventive measure and as a form of capacity building for people to improve their interpersonal skills. The relationship counseling is being facilitated or being conducted by a counseling professional who has the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to suggest solutions to the dynamic nature of relationships. A counselor assesses the people involved as well as the issues in their relationship. He or she can facilitate the flow and focus of a discussion, and can suggest various ways to improve through therapies and other interventions.

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