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What Is Relaxation Therapy?

Relaxation therapy is a treatment that aims to deal with stress by focusing on one’s breathing and relaxation. This kind of therapy involves various techniques that relax the muscles and control one’s breathing. The end goal is to calm both the body and the mind of the patient.

The good thing about relaxation therapy is that one does not have to regularly visit a therapist to engage in it. While you will need to visit a therapist in the beginning so that you can learn the basic techniques, once you know the techniques by heart, you can do relaxation therapy on your own.

When you become stressed, for whatever reason, your body reacts in specific ways. Your heart beats faster, your muscles clench, you breath faster, and so on. If you are able to control these bodily responses, you will be able to relax.

Relaxation therapy is largely dependent on being able to control your breathing. This is done by consciously slowing down your breathing. Inhaling and exhaling at regular intervals, with a conscious effort, will eventually slow down the beating of your heart as well. At the same time, while you focus on your breathing, your muscles will begin to unclench. Eventually, you will achieve a more balanced state.

Other factors are crucial in relaxation therapy as well. It is a good idea to prepare your environment and make it conducive to relaxation. A quiet place is a good start. More so, you may use aromatherapy in conjunction. Burning essential oils that promote relaxation can do wonders.

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