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What Is Remote Healing?

Remote healing is the practice of treating a patient by manipulating his energy, with the emphasis on the healer being physically far from the patient. As the term implies, remote healing need not be done with the patient and the healer in the same geographical location. The idea is that the remote healer can visualize energies and manipulate them to provide the treatment that the patient needs to get better.

As can be surmised, remote healing has a lot of critics. The mere idea of manipulating energies to heal physical, mental, or emotional conditions raises a lot of questions for many people. Add to that the element of distance and you get more skeptics.

There is much to be said about the practice of remote healing, though. Reiki is one of the most popular forms of remote healing, although not all reiki practitioners do their work over a distance. Many of them actually conduct sessions face to face. The idea behind reiki is that the healer makes use of existing energy to heal specific conditions that the patient may be suffering from. That may be oversimplifying things, but it is the basic premise of reiki.

Some remote healers make use of various tools that can aid in healing. Often, crystals are used to help channel and manipulate energies. Whether you are talking about long distance or face to face healing, crystals have been known for their healing properties for the longest time.

Remote healing has its proponents, although it does need scientific evidence to back it up.

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