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What Is the Renal Capsule?

Basically, the kidney has two layers covering it, much like when a person wears a jacket over his/her shirt. The person’s body is important, and must be protected, so a tough shirt is put on. To add more protection, a thicker, warmer layer, the jacket, is worn. The kidney is covered by the renal capsule and a layer of perinephric adipose tissue or fatty tissue covers the renal capsule. The renal capsule is the thin sheath covering the outer surface of the kidney made up of tough fibers and elastic or fibrous proteins. This capsule protects the kidney from injury and helps support the kidney mass. The perinephric adipose tissue cushions the kidney from shock as the individual moves about.

Smooth muscle fibers and elastic fibers are present in the renal capsule. The smooth muscle fibers enable the muscles of the kidney to contract and function on its own while the elastic fibers stretch and contract as needed. It is observed that these elastic fibers increase as the individual ages.

The kidney is a vital organ of the body and it is of utmost importance to protect it. If the kidney is damaged in anyway, the whole body is affected and this may even lead to death. Kidney failure may be addressed by an expensive and risky kidney transplant or dialysis. There are two kind of dialysis. These are hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Hemodialysis is a medical procedure for removing impurities from the blood through a hemodialysis machine. Peritoneal dialysis uses dialysis fluid introduced in the peritoneal cavity through a tube and then flushed out.

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