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What Is a Restaurant Host?

In a fine dining restaurant, guests should have the assurance of good food and quality service. Restaurant hosts are responsible for doing such. They are members of the front of the house restaurant staff. They usually wear a different uniform to identify themselves easily. The women are called hostesses and the men are called hosts. Bookkeeping and financial matters are also part of their work. Nowadays, training is being offered by high-end professional schools for those people who want to become a host.

Restaurant hosts normally seat guests, take reservations, and always keep an eye on the floor to check if there are any complaints or guest concerns. If the hotel operation is not busy, they also answer phone calls and assists waiters. They also help in doing financial matters before closing the restaurant.

Hosts should be friendly and should have a pleasing personality. They must have a sharp eye to see the needs of the guests. For instance, the host should always be ready to provide high chairs for children and carefully assist disabled guests. These are only a few things that will make guests feel appreciated. Hosts are also responsible for maintaining balance in the area so waiters will not be overloaded.

You are considered a good restaurant host if you handle a guest complaint without catching the attention of your superior or the owner of the store. As a host, you should be flexible to perform certain tasks at the same time, especially when the restaurant is busy. But the happiness and contentment of the guests should always be prioritized.

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