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What Is a Restraining Order?

Many types of orders are issued by the court depending upon what is needed or requested by an individual or party. Such orders may be issued to demand that an action be performed or fulfilled by a party, or it may be issued to prevent a certain event or action from occurring. A restraining order is of the latter type due to the fact that it instructs a party or person to stop committing a certain behavior or action.

Restraining orders are most commonly used in cases of domestic violence. For example, a woman who is continually beaten and physically abused by her husband may file for a restraining order from court in order to prevent the husband from continuing to physically abuse her and to stay a certain amount of length away from her. However, it is also possible that a restraining order be used for business or financial purposes. This is usually the case when a party wishes to prevent a certain transaction from occurring.

A restraining order is not necessarily limited to cases of physical abuse, but can be used to prevent verbal abuse, stalking, and other similarly threatening behaviors or actions. When a person files for a restraining order, it is possible that a court of law issue one on a temporary basis without seeking a court hearing or notifying the defendant. A temporary restraining order does not curb the rights of the party subject to it but provides immediate relief and protection to the person filing for it.

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