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What Is Rice Milk?

Rice milk is a grain milk. It is used by vegans and vegetarians who do not want to use animal by-products, or people who are lactose intolerant. While it does not have that much protein, it is rich in carbohydrates and contains a lot of important vitamins.

Rice milk is sometimes used to make coffee creamers and ice creams, or sold in paper containers or aseptic containers for people to buy and use as their require. It can be found in health food stores or in some major groceries. Some packaging requires refrigeration even more opening; others, like those kept in aseptic containers, can be kept in a cool and dark place. However, rice milk should be consumed one week after the seal has been broken.

Commercial rice milk is convenient but more expensive than traditional milk, because of the low demand and the subsidies that are given to American rice farmers. One more affordable alternative is to make rice milk at home.

While there are hundreds of rice milk recipes in both vegetarian cookbooks and online, nearly all of them have these key ingredients: cooked rice, water, sea salt and vanilla.

The rice (white or brown are both okay) is mixed with hot water. Usually it is a proportion of one cup rice to four cups water. This creates a very cloudy, slurry substance—rice milk! The impurities are strained away with a cheesecloth. Sea salt, vanilla, cinamon and sugar also help rice milk taste better. Some also like to add chocolate, nuts or spices. Tapioca and carrageenan can help compensate for the missing fat.

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