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What Is Roid Rage?

Sometimes people who take large doses of anabolic steroids go into “roid rage.” There are news reports of people suddenly becoming very hostile and difficult to control, leading to very violent attacks and even murders. Some of them turn against themselves, and commit suicide.

Anabolic steroids boost the testosterone level of people. This can make them initially feel quite happy and energetic, at least with the first few doses. However, regular and long-term use can actually cause quite the opposite effect. There are cases of people plunging into deep depression or even manifesting symptoms of mental disorders like schizophrenia.

Experts who have conducted clinical tests and research on roid rage say that, to be fair, the drugs can’t just turn a “regular, ordinary” guy into a killing machine. IN most cases, the person who went into roid rage already had signs of over aggressiveness and hostility even before he underwent the steroid treatment. When the person takes the drugs, these feelings may be heightened. Or, the temporary “high” they get from the steroids may come to such an abrupt end once the treatment is cut that the person suddenly experiences a “violent outburst.”

ROid rage is still quite controversial and courts have difficulty accepting it as a legal defense for violent crimes. Instead, the pressure is put on people who takes steroids to monitor their behavior and mood—they must be responsible for their behavior, and take the drugs only under medical supervision. Those who are suffering from steroid addiction are advised to seek professional help.

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