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What Is a RUIM Card?

A RUIM or R-UIM card is a transferable identification chip for mobile phones that belong to the Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) network. The letters stand for Re-Usable Identification Module.
RUIM cards store pertinent personal information, including the name and account number, the cell phone number, as well as the contacts’ names and numbers. The RUIM cards also store text messages and any other important phone settings.

The benefits of the RUIM card are pretty obvious. Since all the information is stored in a small, portable device, users can transfer it to a new phone without any fuss or delay. This would be quite useful if users were to buy a new phone, or temporarily borrow a friend’s unit.

The RUIM card system may be unfamiliar to loyal members of the CDMA carrier, but it is actually quite like the SIM (Subscriber Identify Module) cards used by GSM (or Global System for Mobile Communication) networks. Efforts are now being made to have SIM and RUIM cards to use the same manufacturing standards, allowing consumers to switch between them with minimal fuss or hassle.

RUIM and SIM systems not only offer greater flexibility and convenience, but they also provide services like roaming contracts. They definitely offer an advantage over the CDMA technology, which was proprietory handsets and make it impossible to switch contacts and personal information into another phone. This is one reason why many loyal CDMA users are eager or RUIM cards to make their debut in the United States.

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