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What Is a Salt Lamp?

As the name implies, a salt lamp is a lamp made of salt. A large block of salt is carved, to create a small hole where a candle or lightbulb may sit. The salt crystal—which comes in gorgeous array of colors, from a deep rose to a very light orange—diffuses the light in a very attractive glow.

The salt lamps are highly prized as home décor, but they are not just known for their beauty. The heat releases negative ions which are thought to have numerous health benefits. Ion-rich ocean air and mountain air have long been considered to be “therapeutic.” Current research has also found that negative ions bind pollutants in the air, making them so dense that they settle to the ground, where they can’t be inhaled.

For this reason, salt lamps are an attractive and effective way of “purifying” indoor air and recirculated air such as those in offices with centralized air conditioning. The salt lamps have been linked to higher energy levels, fewer headaches, and lower incidents of chronic fatigue. It’s also known to benefit concentration and memory. This may be due to how the higher concentration of ions in the air improves the bloodflow to the brain.

Aside from salt lamps, other devices like ionic air cleaners can be used to increase ion levels in the air. However, the purifiers tend to look too utilitarian, and some take up huge amounts of space. Salt lamps serve dual purpose as home décor and come in a variety of colors and sizes.

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