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What Is Salvia Divinorum?

Salvia divinorum is a psychoactive plant containing salvinorin A, a potent x-opiod and D2 receptor agonist. The plant is native to Oaxaca, Medico and found within the isolated cloud forest of the Sierra Mazateca. Salvia divinorum has traditionally been used by Mazatec shamans to induce "visionary states of consciousness" and healing of the spirit. Mazatec people value salvia as an incarnation of the Virgin Mary and religiously use the plant to invoke the relationship with Mary.

Salvia has square stems, large leaves, and sometimes blooms white flowers with violet calyx. Salvia can grow over one meter high and has "dissociative effects" and anti-depressant properties when it is smoked or eaten. Salvia has a low toxicity and low potential for addiction.

Botanists have not determined if salvia is a hybrid plant or natural vegetation. Salvia is legal in most countries and within most states in America. Salvia is not regulated by U.S. federal drug laws but many states have passed legislation criminalizing the plant.

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