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What Is Satellite TV for PC?

Satellite TV for PC is a way for people to watch a tremendous number of channels through the use of a piece of software that is installed on a PC. This setup eliminates the need for satellite dishes and also exorbitant cable bills. But satellite TV for PC is also generating controversy over legal issues for its use.

There are two kinds of broadcast television today – one is free to air and the other one requires payment. Free to air broadcasts are usually the local broadcasts that viewers will pick up from their roof antenna. Before the advent and growth of both cable TV and satellite dishes, everything that is seen on TV is considered free to air. All of the broadcasts are “picked up” from the air and no one pays for it. There are limitations to this type though among them the fewer number of channels. The introduction of cable brought more non-local networks and a beefier channel lineup along with better picture quality. Of course, this entailed monthly bills, and this resulted in the other type of broadcast TV.

Because of the popularity of the internet, many networks began to air their broadcasts on the internet or stream some of their taped content. Satellite TV for PC basically gives links to the web sites that offer streaming TV content. In actuality, it doesn’t really offer satellite or live broadcast TV similar to what cable or dish services offer. The controversy that surrounds it is that what it offers is actually “free” online TV content that is already accessible to everyone.

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