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What Is a Serial Killer?

Some people experience urges, some are so powerful that the question is would they be able to resist it? Some people manage to keep the monster locked up in an internal cage. Soon enough, these internal barricades would be trampled down in the mind of a psychopathic killer. They have not only unleashed the monsters within, but they are slaves wallowing in its beastly appetites. They are the society’s biggest plagues, feeding on the pain and misery of innocent human prey.

A serial killer is a person who has murdered two or more victims, often with a sexual element involved. These serial killers kill their victims to seek attention, financial gain, or thrill. The FBI defines serial murder as a minimum of three to four victims, with a "cooling off" period in between. The serial killer is usually a stranger to the victim, making the murders appear unconnected or random. The murders reflect a need to dominate the victim in a sadistic manner. Serial killers usually kill for psychological satisfaction, not material. They rarely murder for profit. The victims of these serial killers may have a symbolic value to the killer, and the method of killing usually reveals this. The victims are usually vulnerable targets like prostitutes, runaways, etc., making it easy for the serial killer to attack them.

Psychologists believe that serial killers suffer from Antisocial Personality Disorder along with other psychiatric conditions which cause them to have a view of the world which is fundamentally different from that of other people. Because psychological instability is involved in such killings, many serial killers are committed to mental institutions.

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