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What Should I Know About Online Dating?

Online dating has grown in popularity as it is easy, fun, experimental, private and personalized. Though it is becoming the norm, internet dating must be approached cautiously and sensibly as there is a possibility of danger.

There are literally millions of users on numerous dating sites. Selecting the ones you want to interact with on whatever level, is the beginning of the online dating experience. Most sites allow you to set up a profile and view other people’s profiles. This can be free or you might have to pay. Be wary of online credit card scams. Use a recent and normal photo of yourself in your profile.

Most websites provide questionnaires to decide your compatibility with the other users. You are generally expected to answer questions about your age, marital status, ethnicity, style, dating preferences, habits, lifestyle, friendships, morals. Be honest when responding, but also bear in mind that some people become compatible with you by answering dishonestly.

Initial contact is usually through the website using email or instant. You should decide when you want to give out your real personal details. If you decide to meet, your first date should be in a public, safe place and inform a close friend about it.

Compatibility with someone across the globe requires you to decide on a long distance relationship. Can such relationship work without having personally met first?

Online dating must simply be considered as an extra option to widening your choice in friends and partners you might never have known. Remember that if you left your computer, you could probably meet someone in real life too.

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