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What Is a Sitz Bath?

A sitz bath is a method used to treat a cyst or abscess that needs to be ruptured, among other things. It is similar to a regular bath in that a person is immersed in water. In a sitz bath, however, it is only the pelvic region that “takes a bath”.

The term sitz bath can also be used to refer to the actual tub that is used to carry out the treatment. This is a specially designed tub that will make it more comfortable for the patient to sit in the tub with the pelvic area immersed and the legs spread open. A sitz bath can also be done in a normal bath tub, but it is more difficult for the patient.

As mentioned earlier, a sitz bath is used for cysts that need to be ruptured and drained. Usually, a sitz bath is prescribed as treatment for anal fistulae or hemorrhoids. Women who have recently given birth and suffer from a cut perineum also can under sitz bath treatment. Less frequently, a sitz bath is also used to help alleviate cramping associated with menstrual cramps.

More than the hot water, baking soda or salt is added to the bath. The patient usually has to sit in the hot water for 10 to 20 minutes. The exact period of time depends on the doctor recommending the treatment. The frequency will also depend on the ailment being treated.

Sitz baths are often bought for home use. There are different kinds of tubs, with prices ranging from very affordable to really expensive, depending on the features included.

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