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What Is a Skin Mole?

The average human has from at least ten to about fifty skin moles on different parts of the body. At birth, not all are visible but with age they begin to darken and become more visible as round or oval shaped spots on the skin. Depending on the person’s skin tone, a mole may be black, brown, red or pink and are a part of skin pigmentation.

Most moles are flat, merging with the skin, whilst some are slightly raised. Hairs can grow out of some moles. A skin mole that appears on the face is commonly called a ‘beauty spot’. Though a natural occurrence, some people feel that some of their skin moles are unsightly and choose to pull out the hairs sprouting from the mole or to have the moles removed. A skin mole can be removed surgically by incision, with laser or by burning with acid. Often, a surgeon will utilize all three methods for the different layers of the skin mole. Certain topical creams exist to lighten or remove moles, but these often result in scarring and do not remove the various layers of the mole ingrained in the skin.

Generally, skin moles are harmless, but you must monitor them regularly as they are prone to skin cancer. Be wary if you have a lot of skin moles. Check to see if there are any changes in your moles on a regular basis. Check for changes in size and coloring. Always use sun block when you are in out in the sun.

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