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What Is a Snob?

A snob is someone who is acting beyond what he or she really is. They tend to think of others as belonging to a lower social circle. They believe that they are superior that other in terms of intellect, wealth and even appearance. When a person is labeled as snob, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are just showing off or acting to be someone they are not. They also have their own expertise and skills that they can be proud of but their mindset is that of someone who feels that he or she is enjoying finer things in life and is more privileged. Their knowledge on something in which other are not knowledgeable of make them exhibit overbearing behavior that tends to belittle others. One can easily distinguish a snob from a professional or an expert by their way of dealing with people and their way of thinking. Oftentimes, snobbish people tend to be very judgmental while experts are just opinionated. An expert in cooking will present opinions on how to improve cooking if the food does not taste good but a snob will eat the food with indignation.

The term snob was coined from two Latin words which are sine nobilitate. It was shortened into snob. It was a practice before that when people ride a ship, their tickets are marked snob, meaning sine nobilitate, meaning, not belonging to the nobility. As of the present, the term has evolved into something that means a person assuming a social status that is higher than the other when apparently he or she is not as elite as he or she may think to be.

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