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What Is a Sociopath?

A sociopath is a term used to describe a person who exhibits antisocial personality disorder. Recently, the word “sociopath” is no longer used to refer to the disorder. Persons who have this disorder are now described as having antisocial personality disorder.

One of the main “characteristics” of a person who is a sociopath is his utter disregards for other people and their own rights. Another symptom is the sociopath's inability to conform to society's norms and behave like a normal personality. If there is one characteristic of a sociopath that is very apparent are the antisocial tendencies. These tendencies usually emerge starting at the age of 15. If it is not treated at an early stage it can fully develop as a disorder upon reaching adulthood.

One of the visible symptoms of a sociopath are his physical aggression and his inability to keep a job. He also find its difficult to nurture a relationship. The sociopath is also unable to feel regret for his actions. One major personality trait of the sociopath is the constant violation of other people's rights. This could manifest itself in the form of either disregarding the physical or sexual welfare of another person.

Although there are many symptoms that can identify a sociopath not all of them can be evident. One thing that makes a sociopath deceptive is that he can also be very charming and witty. He can appear quite considerate and friendly, but these are superficial actions do not mean anything to the sociopath.

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