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What Is Some Dating Advice for Geeks?

Geeks are often and most of the time stereotyped as people who are insensitive, unsociable and most of all they are marginalized as people see them as weird and out of this world. However, despite the stereotypes and marginalization, geeks are also capable of dating and having rewarding relationships. Having a rewarding relationship will of course mean that geeks have to undergo dating activities for them to be able to develop love interests and emotional bonds. Being a geek is also like being into a challenging situation, not only because of the social constructs of the society about them but also on the reactions of the female species on their motives and ways of approaching and relating to them.

Geeks should develop self confidence for them to effectively relate to other people especially women. They have to be natural so that women will appreciate them as they are. One should not pretend to be someone they are not. Since most of them are highly academic in nature, or are very good in doing something, they can try to introduce their interest to their dating partner and be confident on their knowledge on it. Being confident means that they should not be little themselves or make jokes about themselves. Women would like them as they are so they should act as they are in reality. They should remember, however to listen always to their date because women also love to be given attention. Finally, they should be observant and aware of the reactions of their date partner and act accordingly.

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