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What Is Sound Healing?

Sound healing is a kind of therapy that aims to improve one’s overall health through the use of music and sound. As a matter of fact, it is also called music therapy. Sound healing is a common practice used in holistic clinics.

The basis of sound healing can be traced back to the ancient times. They believed that, using music, one can unblock the channels of energy that may have been blocked for one reason or another. When these channels, or chakras, are blocked, various health conditions may arise. Due to blocked chakras, people can experience an imbalance in their lives. With sound healing, the chakras can be unblocked, and balance can be restored.

While the idea of sound healing and blocked energy flows may sound to be too mystical for some people, there is actual evidence supporting the positive effect that music can have on people. Pregnant women, for example, are encouraged to expose their babies to music while in the womb. This is due to the positive contribution that music can have on the babies. People who are stressed and need to unwind listen to music - whether or not they do so consciously, the positive effects are there.

An important thing to understand about sound healing is that its proponents do not tout is as a direct cure to illnesses. Instead, sound healing aims to help restore balance to a person’s overall health. The ultimate aim then, is that physical healing will be facilitated due to the restoration of balance.

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