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What Is Special Education?

Special education is a form of teaching and learning that is specifically designed for students who have some development problems or some physical and mental development problems. Special education can be in a form of a special class or an inclusive class with the help of some assistance from other professionals to carry out the needs of the child in concern. Special education also refers to the kind of education that children needs as an additional service to them to cater to their problem or to further improve their skills and abilities.

Special education comes in many types. It can be in a form of therapy or a school and public service that is offered to parents to assist in the needs of their children with extreme or below average capabilities. In special education classes, children with mental or physical delays or problems are often assisted in their needs. It is not only the teacher who is present in a special education class but also some professionals whose roles are crucial in making the atmosphere in a classroom more controlled but at the same time enjoyable for the kids. Special education can come in a form of physical or speech therapy depending of the needs of the child. For children with autism conditions, a special kind of teaching is also being offered to enable them to learn special skills. Children with very high IQ are also given special education classes to help them manage the school atmosphere and help them create helpful bonds of friendship and interactions with fellow students.

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