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What Is a Statement of Facts?

A legal document that contains facts without any argument is called a statement of facts. This kind of legal document is used for various purposes such as filing of legal proceedings or merely forwarding information regarding one’s identification. Any legal document that presents facts only can be considered a statement of facts such as a filled up form.

A statement of facts can be used in litigation proceedings by lawyers who wish to use the legal documents in making a claim or argument. This is done by implication, drawing reasonable conclusions from the factual information provided. A statement of facts is also reviewed by an appellate court when a case is filed for appeal. It is included in a legal brief, which is evaluated and reviewed by the judge in order to determine if an appeal is necessary.

Formulating a statement of facts depends on how and where it will be used. For example, the Department of Motor Vehicles requires applicants for a driver’s license to complete a form that includes their personal identification as well as the necessary information regarding one’s driving and medical history. This is then recorded and filed away for future reference and to ensure that the applicant meets all the requirements before he or she is licensed to drive. It is also possible that a statement of facts is a written statement of a witness’s testimony, which is considerably vital to a court trial. It is then necessary to have a written statement of facts in order to ensure that the testimony provided is true and reliable.

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