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What Is a Stay-At-Home Dad?

As the term implies, a stay-at-home dad is a father who performs the role of a housewife and a mother when the mother is out at work. A stay-at-home dad is the one responsible for the kids while the mother is the breadwinner of the family. The father has to take full responsibility in the household chores and in taking care of the children which implies that there is a reversal of role between the parents because circumstances allowed them to do so. A stay-at-home dad is nothing different with the regular work of a mother when she is left at home to take care of the kids while the father is out for work. It is uncommon to find a stay-at-home dad in many house hold nowadays given the fact that the work environment as well as the benefits for employment is more favourable to women than for men. But it doesn’t mean that men have to stay all day at home to take care of the kids, he can also work in part-time job settings and earn a supplementary income for the family.

As much as it is beneficial for the mother to work, it also equally beneficial for the children to have their father stay at home and have plenty of activities with them like playing and other interesting and intensive activities which the mother cannot do for any reason. There are however many challenges that a home-based dad needs to overcome one of which is social stigma and societal constructs on gender roles.

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