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What Is a Stout Beer?

There are many kinds of beer. One kind, first introduced to the public in the 1730s, is the stout beer. It is known for its deep, dark color and very bitter flavor.

The stout beer was first produced in Ireland. Today, it is sold all over the world. One of the most famous brands of Stout Beer is Guinness, though the other brand, Murphy’s, also enjoys a cult following.

Stout beer is made with barley and many other kinds of malt. Each brewery has its own recipe. Irish stout beer is known for being a little dry (and is actually called, alternatively, dry stout). Some include oatmeal, which makes the beer a little sweeter and more mellow. Big brands include Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout and St. Ambroise Oatmeal stout.

Another kind of stout beer, called imperial stout, was first developed for Catherine the Great. She was known for liking stouts. However, the formula was fragile and often spoiled in transport into Russia. To preserve it, it increased its alcohol content.

Some stout varieties are infused with lactose during brewing. This is called sweet stout, milk stout, or sweet cream stout. It is often preferred by people who don’t like dry stout. The most well known brands are Mother’s Milk and Snowplow.

Coffee stout beer is the darkest and most bitter variety. Big brands include Washington Pike. Close to this is the chocolate stout, which has chocolate malt as one of its ingredients. This produces a very rich, sweet flavor and a deep dark color.

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